Earliest Memories

What happens when you try to remember as far back as you can? My earliest clear memory dates from when I was still in my crib and not yet able to walk. I can remember a mobile hanging above my head consisting of little fluid-filled pouches in which were suspended tiny animals. The afternoon sun would catch them just right and the little animals inside would seem to glow. I look forward to any comments you have about your earliest memories.

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Kate said...

One of my earliest memories is of going to the greengrocers with my grandmother to buy carrots. I can't remember much about it apart from sitting in my pram while she paid. I can also remember being on a boat at around the same age, apparently this was in the park and there was a picnic, but I only remember the boat.

Kim Woodbridge said...

I don't remember anything from when I was that young. My earliest memories are from when I was 3 or 4 years old. I remember my younger brother having a temper tantrum and I remember my 4th birthday party.

Sometimes I think that I only remember certain events because there are photographs of them. I just think I remember them but it's really only the photograph that makes me feel that way.

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