My "Lecture" at the Sorbonne

Early in 1999, I visited Paris with the two Czech owners of ANF DATA in Prague, Stepan Kotva and Jiri Svanda, for whom I was working as a consultant. My task was to convince the historic French company SAGEM to outsource the ongoing development and maintenance of one of their products to us, which I did, successfully. We had some spare time afterward for sightseeing in Paris and one of our stops was the Sorbonne. We decided to take a peek at one of the main lecture halls. Since it was lunchtime, the lectern was vacant and many students were sitting around in the large auditorium eating bag lunches. On a whim, I walked up to the whiteboard and to a list of dates and names I added "1999 - Bob" at the end. This activity attracted the attention of some of the students in the hall, so I flourished my hand at the list as one of my travelling companions took this photograph of me "lecturing" at the Sorbonne. I'll leave it as a homework assignment for you, dear readers, to determine from the other dates and names on the list, what the original lecture was all about.

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