Twitter: The "64,000 Follower Question"

PragueBob - PragueCrunch II from Plugg Conference on Vimeo.

During the last few months I've taken a sabbatical from the past twenty-five years of my working life to catch up on what's new and exciting on the Internet and to learn by doing. One of several areas I immediately became interested in was social media, and I started spending time each day exploring various blogs and web sites, including the increasingly popular one called Twitter. When I recently passed 64,000 in my number of followers on Twitter, I thought of the old TV game show from the 1950's, "The $64,000 Question", which passed into the lexicon with the meaning "most important question". It was not my original intention to amass such a huge number of followers on Twitter, in fact at the beginning I actually blocked anyone who tried to follow me! After I started interacting with a few more interesting people, I began returning the follow of everyone, unless they were a spammer, pornography promoter, or other "suspicious" type, in which case I blocked them (and still do!). So, after several months of "being myself" on Twitter and posting about my life as an American ex-pat in Prague and things that interest me like history, politics, technology, and cultural diversity, I now find myself with an online global "Rolodex" of more than 64,000 contacts. While this number may not be staggering when compared to some of the mass media celebrities on Twitter, it still puts me in the top few hundred out of Twitter's several million users, and way ahead of many well-known social media experts. In fact, I discovered recently that I have myself become a social media expert, after consulting in social media for a handful of local companies and finding them eager for more.

So the "64,000 Follower Question" is, what next? My sabbatical is nearing its end and I now need to restart my revenue stream. I would really like to apply the expertise and understanding of social media and social networking that I've gained over the past year as PragueBob on Twitter and other places around the Internet, so I'm open to consulting or even full-time employment offers that will allow me to do this. I would like to keep Prague as my home base, but I can travel extensively internationally. I also have my own ideas for new social media and social networking sites that I would like to pursue either individually or with others in a start-up environment, provided seed capital is available. Both of these scenarios fit my (Myers-Briggs) ENTJ type, and since I draw my energy as such from interaction with other people, I'm also interested in any suggestions, comments, and answers to the "64,000 Follower Question" from you, my readers.

...a Czech-speaking American expat living in Prague since 1993.

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